I hate how trainings don’t feel for me. This is everything that I want D&I to do. This has been the most productive and impactful way that I’ve seen a different perspective.

–- Meryem Karad, Assistant Secretary of Natural Resources at Commonwealth of Virginia

Empathable is very unique.  Because you see life through another’s eyes while combining a mindfulness component – and their absolutely needs to be in DEI.

– Product consultant at a prominent tech org, after performing competitive intelligence research of most DEI training products in the market

This experience was extremely transformative for me. It was a time where I was able to see through the eyes of another person and to feel what it might mean to be them, if even for a moment.

CEO of Transhealth Northampton

Out of all the DEI curriculums we’ve seen, this is the one that feels like it gives the tools needed for dialogue, their human dignity and individuality.

–-Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at a top university

When you make people feel, they remember. It resonates. This creates shortcuts for trainings to be learnt quickly. Instead of checking a box and not feeling anything.

-Kevin Carrington, Senior Vice President, Higher Ed Practice at Segal

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