What We Do - Healthcare and Wellness

Embracing Diversity

Walk in the shoes of individuals from different backgrounds and gain perspective.

Building Successful Teams

The most successful teams acknowledge, believe, and even celebrate the validity of each others’ experiences.

Prioritizing Patient Affirming Care

Build even deeper understanding by walking in the shoes of the populations you serve.

Changing Habits

Walk in the shoes of someone who overcame the challenges you or your clients are facing.

Empathable Approaches Learning Differently

Where other programs feel temporal, shallow, and artificial, Empathable is designed to make lasting change by sharing short, impactful, real life experiences one Walk at a time.

The Empathable Method

By recreating real moments from real peoples’ lives, and pairing these experiences with opportunities for reflection and advocacy, your team will take a Walk in someone else’s shoes that impacts their perspective and their behavior.

Empathable participants go from:

We give people-leaders the data to prove it’s working and correlate these changes to improved performance.

Our program is: