Empathable spent years honing in its approach to measuring, teaching, and growing empathy through consulting engagements for organizations large and small, while working on building the technology that would allow this approach to scale. In late 2023, the full technology enabled Empathable experience was launched, incorporating all that was learned along the way.

As little as five minutes per week. Empathable is structured like an interactive miniseries. Each week, you’ll be exposed to a new real experience from a real person, given the opportunity to reflect, and given the opportunity to practice your advocacy skills. Some teams choose to pair this asynchronous experience with 10 minute weekly  discussions guided by Empathable’s conversation starters attached to each Walk.

Every Empathable experience is tailored to that team or organization’s needs. Empathable has a huge library of real life experiences (“Walks”) that we are able to build and tweak to design your ideal curriculum.

We can, and do, also go further in our level of customization – producing, recording, and incorporating real life experiences in the lives of your team members and gaining perspectives from trusted leaders within your organization.

All employees. An ERG or a DEI committee. Senior leadership. Rising stars. People managers. The answer depends! We’ll work with you to figure out the best starting place and growth plan.

Our priority is to make an impact and to maintain long term relationships. We’ve worked with non-profits, community colleges, major universities, and Fortune 50 companies and been able to build a program meeting their needs and their budget constraints. Schedule a meeting with us today so we can explore what solutions will work best for your team or organization.

Absolutely. We’ve provided facilitated sessions and ran successful consulting engagements for years, and continue to provide these services today.

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