Our Story

CEO Micah Wonjoon Kessel has been in the world of emotions and empathy research, experiential design, and pedagogy for over fifteen years. After adding a degree in multimedia design from the Royal Academy of Art to his background as a professional and diplomaed musician, Micah has worked designing experiences for everyone from Microsoft, to the Government of Finland, to owners and operators of escape rooms.


Micah went on to become the Design Lead at IASLab, widely considered to be the world’s top emotions research lab, where he met and maintained relationships with some of the top thinkers, professionals, and intervention researchers in the world of empathy and emotion.


Empathable spent years honing in its approach to measuring, teaching, and growing empathy through consulting engagements for organizations large and small, while working on building the technology that would allow this approach to scale. In late 2023, the full technology enabled Empathable experience was launched, incorporating all that was learned along the way.