Meet Our Team

As a team, we all share a desire to expand the possibilities of scaling empathy globally.


We collaborate and learn with an underlying motivation towards inclusion of the whole-self, both in process and the resulting experiences.

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Micah Kessel

Executive Director

Cheyenne Tang

Content & Design Lead

Brendan Troy

Head of Commercial Development

Hee So

Lead Illustrator

Carroll Ann Friedmann

Business Manager

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Bob Warwick

Lead Developer

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Jasmine Hamilton

Policy and Management

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Chris Branin

Chief Financial Officer

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Jennell Lynch

Organizational Management Consultant 

Board of Advisors

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Dallas Ducar

Gender Affirming Care

CEO | Transhealth

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Sa-kiera T. J. Hudson, PhD

Empathy and Bias

Assistant Professor | Haas School of Business – University of Berkeley

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Matt Wallaert

Organizational Psychology

Founder |

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Joel Mier

Marketing & Business Development

Lecturer | University of Richmond

Aparna Rae

Organizational DEI

Founder | Moving Beyond

Nathan Knight

Learning and Development Strategy

Head of People Solutions | Morning Consult

Grin Lord

AI and Empathy Innovation

Founder & CEO | mpathic

Haroon (Harry) Syed

Artificial Intelligence

Senior Agency Lead | Amazon Web Services

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Margarita Barrios Ponce

Cultural Training

Professor | Northeastern University

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Arthur Woods

DEI Hiring & Retention

Partner | Plenty Search

Ben-Saba Hasan

DEI & Culture

SVP Chief Culture Diversity Equity & Inclusion Officer | Walmart

Michael Ventura

Organizational Empathy

Marcus Alexis

Finance Partnerships

Senior Director | Cambridge Associates

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Eugene Korsunskiy

Systems Design

Associate Professor | Dartmouth College

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Miriam Agrell

Events Strategy

Chief Production Officer | Opus Agency

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Joseph Fridman

Science Communication

Director, Sociotechnical Studio | Ginko Bioworks

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Mere Abrams

Clinical Research 
and Media

Co-founder | Urbody Functional Fashion

Maxwell Snyder

Venture Strategy

Vice President, Alternative Investments | NewEdge Wealth

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Yoon Chung

Program Management & Culture

Principal Technical Program Manager | Procore Technologies

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Thor Muller

Marketing & Business Development

Venture Executive | Mach49

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Gabriel Grant

Organizational Consulting

Strategy Advisor & Impact Coach | TheImPact

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Jaline McPherson


Landscape Designer | MASS Design Group

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Ben Cerveny

Purpose Driven Technology

President | The Foundation for Public Code

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