Celebrate Pride Month with Empathable

Dear Traveler,

This June, schedule a Pride session for your leaders, managers, and teams.

You’ll be inviting your team on a virtual journey with real queer, trans, or nonbinary people of color. Through culture defining moments in I’s life, your organization will gain insights into a more empathetic way of working together.

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Why a session with Empathable?

You’ll become better allies and communicate with more empathy.

You’ll improve how you share feedback, have 1:1’s, and engage in complex conversations.

Empathable’s research and design is with the top bias, emotions and empathy scientists in their fields.

These percentages show actual increases from a team that had felt disconnected

Your presenter, Empathable's CEO

As CEO of Empathable Micah J. Wonjoon Kessel has led experiential learning workshops on empathy for leaders and teams at META, Deloitte, Target, and Cisco. Micah advises at the Harvard Psychology Banaji Lab which studies implicit bias, as well as the country's top emotions research lab, directed by Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett (IASLab - Northeastern University).

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