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We bring empathy to life through immersive point-of-view experiential videos

Immersive, point-of-view videos

Immerse yourself into someone else’s perspective by seeing life through their eyes. Read the subtitles you see out loud in the videos below. 

Walk in…

Why Empathable?

Trying to create a team in the new hybrid world requires flexibility while building a sense of belonging to better align your teams and goals. The Empathable app delivers a tool that achieves both—from a desk at home or in the office.

1. Built by WillowTree Apps – one of the world’s top app developers – Empathable provides engaging, asynchronous immersive learning at just a few minutes a day

2. We never use negative messaging to improve inclusion and belonging because that doesn’t work. Empathable is designed to evoke curiosity, emotion, and relatability.

3. Strategic initiatives require good data to be results-focused, but team empathy, trust, belonging and other target measures are hard to quantify. We share our data with you—customizable assessments designed by social science researchers measure growth in core areas linked to manager success, team cohesion, retention, and more.

Supporting Teams At

Empathable brought us more closely together as a team and was incredibly valuable in creating trust, being there for each other, and being focused as a team as opposed to a bunch of individuals.

Chief Operating Officer, Big 5 Consulting Agency

Powered by Empathy, Guided by Science.

Our researchers are at the top of their fields in the science of empathy, bias, mental health, and organizational culture. They agree that we learn new concepts best through experience, so Empathable’s platform is based in first-person point-of-view media that let’s you walk in the shoes of real experiences — high-impact immersive learning at its best.

I hate how trainings don’t feel for me. This is everything that I want D&I to do. This has been the most productive and impactful way that I’ve seen a different perspective.

Meryem Karad, Assistant Secretary of Natural Resources at Commonwealth of Virginia