Diversity Training For The Workplace: The missing ingredient to your team’s success.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Training by Empathable

Empathable’s DEI training program was designed with leading researchers in the fields of empathy, bias, mental health, and organizational culture, to harness the way we learn new concepts best: through immersive experience. Never didactic, based in first-person point-of-view videos, Empathable meets teams where they are on their journey to improving inclusion and empathy. And because we’re not all starting from the same place, Empathable’s DEI training is customizable. Our program can be tailored to help any type of team—from assistants to executives to academic departments—measurably achieve their DEI training goals, with longitudinal progress reports to celebrate growth.

Playground of Empathy was co-designed with the President of the Association for Psychological Sciences and was a winner of the 2020 Harvard Culture Lab Innovation Fund Grant. Our program has been piloted by Ford, Deloitte and Cisco, and we’ve helped 10,000 people walk in someone else’s shoes–including a 1,000+ person audience at the Boston Museum of Science. 

Our board of advisors include Lulu Miller, host of Radiolab on NPR, Joel Mier, former Netflix marketing director, and Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett, who is in the top 1% of the most cited scientists in the world. 

At our core, we’re here to help humans live more fulfilling lives through empathy, by embracing the joy of our differences.

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Research shows that educating, validating, and cultivating deep learning supports the well-being and adaptive decision making of individuals and teams. Employees who view their workplace as empathic have higher morale and less stress, which leads to lower turnover and greater job satisfaction.

The experience includes pre & post assessments designed to measure changes in growth of empathy and psychological safety amongst participants.

We’ve seen that programs working with empathable over time show significant increases in their culture of inclusion and empathy.

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