Meet Our Team

As a team, we all share a desire to expand the possibilities of empathy in corporate America.


We collaborate and learn with an underlying motivation towards inclusion of the whole-self, both in process and the resulting experiences.

Micah Kessel

Executive Director

Bob Warwick

Lead Developer

Jennell Lynch

Organizational Management Consultant 

Cara Naiman

Chief of Staff

Jasmine Hamilton

Policy and Management

Chris Branin

Chief Financial Officer

Noah Rosner

Facilitation Director

Dillon Hill

Marketing Director

Lead Advisors

Dallas Ducar

Gender Affirming Care

Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett

Science of Empathy

Sa-kiera T. J. Hudson, PhD

Empathy and Bias

Matt Wallaert

Organizational Psychology

Joel Mier

Marketing & Business Development

Gabriel Grant

Organizational Consulting

Michael Gaston

Cultural Media & Business

Lulu Miller


Board of Advisors

Science & Research

Jack Turban MD MHS

Behavioral Sciences Advisor

Srikant Iyer

STEM Advisor

Mallory Feldman

Empathy and Embodiment Advisor

Organizational Psychology, DEI, & Design

Selena Resvani

Women’s Leadership Advisor

Margarita Barrios Ponce

Cultural Training

Arthur Woods

DEI Hiring & Retention

Jaline McPherson

Design Advisor

Jocelyn Rice

Apparel Design Advisor

Eugene Korsunskiy

Systems Design Advisor


Ben Cerveny

Chief Tech Advisor


Michael Sturtz

Design Construction Advisor

Joseph Fridman

Science Communication Advisor

Patient Affirming Care

Dr. Karisa Barrow

Clinical and Gender Minority Care Advisor

Mere Abrams

Clinical Research and Media Advisor

Business, Legal, Marketing, Sales

Thor Muller

Marketing & Business Development

John Steele

Corporate Strategy

Jeff Woodward

Ethical Business and Law Practices Advisor

Miriam Agrell

Events Advisor

Tom Woodcheke

Enterprise Engagement

Myles Weisenberg

Development Advisor

Mary E. Power

Business Systems Advisor


Leon Wang

Intersectional Environmentalist Advisor

Yoon Chung

Program Management & Culture

Jamie McGonnigal

Production and Entertainment Advisor

Annie Temmink

Spatial Design Lead

Thank you to our contributors:

Layla Alagic
Sofia Barrett
Emilie Bidgoli
Chris Branin
Jenn Brice
Olivia Jessar
Di Jin
Keisuke Kimura
Kyra Min
Kayleigh McCoy
Jazlyn Nguyen

Alicia Olivo
Noah Rosner
Abena Sekum
Kayla Shepard
Shannon Skoglund
Sebastian Smith
Raneem Tarfa
Audrey Watson
Abbie Weissman
Robel Woldegyorgis

Kelley Van Dilla

Our beloved former co-founder

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