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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Training by Empathable

Powered by Empathy, Guided by Science. 

Empathable’s DEI training program was designed with leading researchers in the fields of empathy, bias, mental health, and organizational culture, to harness the way we learn new concepts best: through an immersive experience.

Never didactic, based in first-person point-of-view videos, Empathable meets teams where they are on their journey to improving inclusion and empathy. And because we’re not all starting from the same place, Empathable’s DEI training is customizable.

Our program can be tailored to help any type of team—from assistants to executives to academic departments—measurably achieve their DEI training goals, with longitudinal progress reports to celebrate growth.

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Why Empathable?

1. We designed Empathable around evidence gathered by our advisors: top experts studying empathy, bias, mental health, and organizational culture

2. Many DEI training programs rely on negative messaging, bullet points, and statistics, all of which can lead to defensiveness and pushback rather than real learning and growth. Empathable is designed to evoke curiosity, emotion, and relatability.

3. Empathable’s DEI training is centered around point-of-view videos that captures the experience of everyday moments. We place participants in the shoes of people with different identities and life experiences.

4. Learn from a couch at home or an office desk—Empathable is ideal for the new reality of hybrid work.

5. Strategic DEI initiatives require good data to be results-focused, but inclusion, belonging and other target measures are hard to quantify. That’s why we share our data with you—the Empathable program includes customizable pre & post assessments designed by social science researchers to measure growth in a number of core areas linked to team cohesion, retention, and more.

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