DEI Empathy Training Backed By Science

Build a team that people want to be a part of.

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Empathy is the missing
ingredient to your team’s success

Research shows team members who view their workplace as empathic have higher morale and less stress, which leads to lower turnover and greater work satisfaction and productivity.

Yet in a recent study, 90% of team members felt that their empathy was undervalued.

We use science to provide effective DEI Empathy training.

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But the good news is empathy is a skill, not a personality trait

We can grow this skill just like we grow muscle through proper diet and exercise. Learning about our differences through stories has been shown to remove interpersonal barriers while improving rapport and open-mindedness.

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What we do

Offered live or virtually through our app, empathable empathy training engages participants in discussions around identity to help build empathy in a natural and effective way.

We measure and track your progress over time leading to stronger teams, more innovation, higher retention rates, and higher performance.

At our core, we’re here to help humans live more fulfilling lives through empathy, by embracing the joy of our differences.

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Our first-person point-of-view experiences draw on robust evidence that immersion is important for evoking emotion and curiosity.

By being curious – and understanding that we don’t know everything about everyone – we build the active listening skills needed by leaders and teams to have successful collaborative outcomes. We normalize the experience of emotion, and make emotional learning easy and enjoyable.

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Data-driven, People-Centered

Research shows that educating, validating, and cultivating deep learning supports the well-being and adaptive decision making of individuals and teams. Employees who view their workplace as empathic have higher morale and less stress, which leads to lower turnover and greater job satisfaction.

The experience includes pre & post assessments designed to measure changes in growth of empathy and psychological safety amongst participants.

We’ve seen that programs working with empathable over time show significant increases in their culture of inclusion and empathy.

We would love to talk with you about how we can make a positive impact in your organization.